Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church was organized sometime during the year 1836, although there are no existing records of the exact date of organization, the number of charter members, or the names of the first pastor and deacons.  The church joined the old Greenville Association in 1870, and the written history of Mt. Lebanon began that year.

Since its founding, the church has had six different sanctuaries, all erected on the same site.  The current sanctuary was built in 1969 and renovated in 1999.  The church property consists of the sanctuary, education wing, the Family Life Center and the Ministry Center.

In 1870 the membership totaled 44.  Today, the resident membership numbers over 600.

Mt. Lebanon has had 34 pastors since 1870.  W.W. Reece became Mt. Lebanon’s first full time pastor in 1946.  Our present pastor, Mark Smith, began his pastorate in August, 1996.