Sunday School

Be Prepared Class

Adults of any age to include singles, married, or couples.
Our studies are taken from Life Truths and center on spiritual preparation as directed by the Holy Spirit.
Sunday 9:30 Room 211 at Church
Leader: Barry Cason

Samaritan Class

Adult Men’s Class (Late 20’s to early 60’s) studying Life Truths-KJV. Involved in local missions.
Sunday 9:30 Room B1 in the Social Hall at Church
Leaders: Chip Sloan, Phil Humphries, Rick McCadden

Hannah Class

Adult Women’s Class (Mostly 50’s-60’s) studying Life Truths.
Sunday 9:30 Room 101 at Church
Leaders: Maudene Cantrell, Marshall Allen, Sallie Lemmons, Carol Fisher, Sharon Sudduth

Homemaker’s Class

Adult Women’s Class (Ages 60 and up) studying Life Words-KJV.
Sunday 9:30 Room 122 at Church
Leaders: Sharon Turner, Pat Cooke, Marshall Allen, Beth Farmer

Eveready Fellowship Class

Senior men studying Life Words-KJV.
Sunday 9:30 Room 118 at Church
Leaders: Bill Bright, Ron Stokes, Ken Southerlin, Bud Turner

Willing Workers Class

Senior Women’s Class studying Life Ventures.
Sunday 9:30 Room 105 at Church
Leaders: Kaye Solesbee, Chris Harrison

Young Adults Class

Ages 18-25
Sunday 9:30 Ministry Center.
Leaders: John & Terri Applegit, Tonya Crist, Margaret Sloan, Sharon Sudduth, Loretta Wells


Adults of all ages – contemporary Bible studies.
Sunday 9:30 Room 120 at Church
Leaders: Fred Battenfield, Tim Sammons

Young Men’s Bible Study

Discussion/Application of Bible.
Sunday 9:30 Room 212 at Church
Leaders: Kyle Herman, Edwin Cantrell, Michael Stevenson

Young Ladies’ Bible Study

Discuss/Apply Biblical truths.
Sunday 9:30 Room 210 at Church
Leaders: Rhonda Loftis, Kieron Campbell, Courtney Howell

Striving Together

Individuals or couples of all ages
Sunday at 9:30 Room 222 at Church
Leaders: Keith Core, Beth Farmer

MLBC Student Life (Middle School – High School)

Youth Department upstairs in church.
Leaders: Chris Crist, Chris & Joy Harrison, John Vincent

1st  – 5th Grade Girls

Sunday 9:30 Room 205 at church.
Leaders: Katie Battenfield

1st – 5th Grade Boys

Sunday 9:30 Room 207 at church.
Leaders: David Welchel


Sunday 9:30 in the nursery – Room 112
Leaders: Kristy Stewart, Alvin Baker


Sunday 9:30 Room 102
Leaders: Debbie & Tim O’Shields

2/3-Year Olds

Sunday 9:30 Room 100
Leaders: Amy Abercrombie

4/5-Year Olds

Sunday 9:30 Rooms 108 & 110 at church.
Leaders: Ansley Welchel, Barry & Holly Pittman

Children’s Church

1st Grade through 5th Grade
Sundays 10:30 am. Meet at front of church during welcome song and go to designated areas in church.
Leader: Pam Fowler